Geeta Institute of Marine Education is one of the best leading Maritime and Offshore Education training Institute in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai(India),gradually emerging as a world leader..Our Institute aims to supply the best Level of Skill-sets to the Candidates and facilitate them to succeed the specified regulative Certification and competency with customized attention through their participative interaction with Eminent Educationists(Master Mariners/Senior Engineers), proved Instructors and progressive Simulations.

Geeta Institute has been approved by IRQS (IRS )Class Quality system certificate ISO 9001:2015 Certification.

Geeta Institute of Marine Education is the most comprehensive center for education, training, applied research and industrial support for ocean industries. Located at CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai (India) it is one of the most respected centers for Marine learning. At Geeta Institute of Marine Education we offers all value added courses , Maritime courses, Offshore training courses, Cookery training courses as per (MLC 2006) and all types of ECDIS Course .

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Geeta Institute of Marine Education delivers a broad range of training courses in the areas of offshore survival, marine, health, safety and emergency management.


Offshore Training Course

This course is essential for personnel who are new to the offshore oil and gas industry. This Course includes...


Maritime Training Courses

The Maritime Training Courses have been designed to efficiently deliver safe and engaging training that reflects...


Cookery Training Course

This training is given to the candidate in the marine for apply the knowledge and skills to ensure That food and beverages


ECDIS Training Course

Our ECDIS courses are designed by mariners for mariners. We make our trainers professional seafarers...


Honduras Flag Documentation

  • Honduras is a country in Central America the republic of Honduras is bordered to the west by Guatemala, to the southwest by El Salvador, to the southeast by Nicaragua, to the south by the Pacific Ocean at the Gulf of Fonseca, and to the north by the Gulf of Honduras, a large inlet of the Caribbean Sea.
  • Honduras, which means Depth in Spanish, covers 4 Central America countries. Seafarers who have worked and gained experience while working on other flag registered vessels is well aware that working on Honduras flag and holding Honduras COC is the best option for their maritime career. Seafarer looking to begin and extend career can opt for a Honduras flag Seafarer license.

Panama Flag Documentation

  • Having a Panama Marine License or CoC is the best opportunity for graduate marine students to find that first job as well as for officials and other mariners who are looking to expand their career in the marine world.
  • Panama has the biggest number of ships registered in the world.
  • Panamanian license is recognized ALL around the world.
  • More opportunities to find jobs
  • The Panamanian Certificate of Competency (CoC) is one of the requirements needed by international seafarers to be eligible to work onboard Panamanian flagged ships which itself is the largest registry in the world.

Palau Flag Documentation

  • Palau was also known as Belau or Pelew originally, and now it is officially the Republic of Palau. Being a city on the islands, Palau is situated in the oceans of western pacific. Palau incorporates about 340 islands that form the chain of the Caroline Islands located in Micronesia geographically.
  • Palau ship registry has a name of its own. It is trusted by many around the world due to its diligent and dedicated customer services and honesty.Seafarers looking to begin or extend their career can easily opt for the Palau Seafarer license.

Liberian Flag Documentation

  • Vessels sailing under the Liberia Country Flag are required to have on board this flag as part of flag state requirements that derive from maritime regulations in the International Code of Signals and the International Safety Management (ISM) Code. These codes are published by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) as an ongoing effort to reinforce maritime safety procedures and communications to the international maritime community. Fleet management companies and ship owners are responsible to ensure that each vessel in their respective fleets have the appropriate flag signage onboard to be in compliance. This flag is used to identify the flag state a vessel is sailing under and to communicate with other vessels under the provisions of the International Code of Signals. The Liberia Country Flag is represented by eleven, equally proportioned horizontal stripes of red and white, red stripes being the top and bottom. A dark blue background containing a white, five pointed star resides in the canton at the upper hoist, or left corner. The Liberian Country Flag was formally adopted in 1847, making it one of the oldest, unchanged existing national flags in the world.

St. Kitts & Nevis Flag Documentation

  • St. Kitts and Nevis is rapidly becoming one of leading flags under which ship owners/seafarers can be assured that all their administrative and shipping needs/license will be fulfilled.The St. Kitts & Nevis Merchant Shipping Act and Maritime Regulations which are based upon English Law are the foundation for maritime operations. This foundation offers international familiarity and the fundamental protection afforded to Ship Owners, Operators, Managers andSeafarers.

Cook Island Flag Documentation

  • Cook Islands aims to be a flag of choice for quality classed tonnage and superyachts.
  • The Flag is based in the Cook Islands in Rarotonga and is the only Small Island Developing State with a serious open register that is actually based in their home country. The advantage of this is that Maritime Cook Islands is very close to their government and has an ability to get quick and sensible answers to difficult questions that take other Flags weeks and months.

Why choose Geeta Institute Of Marine Education?

Dedicated Training Center

Since 2013,over 8,000 seafarers have been certified on the skills of Geeta Institute of Marine Education . These skills are proven to produce the greatest gains in Marine sector. Geeta Institute of Marine Education has been recognized by industry leaders and many business publications.

Affordable Programs

In fact, we designed our programs and materials to be quickly and economically adaptable for any audience, without sacrificing the quality or integrity of the training solution.

Smart planning and execution around change

We take a broader, more holistic view of all of the factors that influence the desired changes, and help clients develop and execute the strategies and processes needed to implement these changes and ensure lasting results.



On completion of this course, the applicants will be qualified to participate in Indian/Foreign Shipping organizations as a Deck/Engine team.



It is course which includes all other courses than pre sea courses which are required to be taken and few might not be compulsory but will add value to ones career.



Competency based preparing is a kind of preparing that is centered around explicit abilities or abilities. It incorporates every one of the marine courses which depend on your ability.



It consists of the courses which might not be mandatory but will definitely add value to your career once achieved and will also help you gather knowledge of different fields other than your core field.



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Honduras, which means Depth in Spanish, covers 4 Central America countries (El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Guatemala). Seafarers who have worked and gained experience while working on other flag registered vessels is well aware that working on Honduras flag and holding Honduras COC is the best option for their maritime career.